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adjustable main nozzle

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Our system is because of its big adjustable range ideal for a perfect carburetor setup and easy to handle. With our system VHD 2000 it is now possible to drive the whole year an adjustable nozzle and therefore spend more time on the track and have fun. It is no longer necessary to demount the carburetor and to bleed the fuel.

If wished to set the engine more “poorer “ or “fatter “ a small spin to the left or the right on our System VHD 2000 is enough.

Compatible with following carburetors

  • Dellorto VHSH 30
  • Dellorto VHSB 34QB


Different weather conditions require different nozzle sizes or carburetor setups.

Because of the huge range of different components in the carburetor for example nozzles, nozzle arms and needles one gets fast overstrained. But the optimal engine performance is only with the correct mixing ratio possible.

Our adjustable main nozzle gives you exactly this possibility. We give you the easy and comfortable possibility to adjust the main nozzle as one knows it from the throttle valve carburetor.

Carburetors, which react instantly to the settings of the driver and do these in a very direct and precise way, through the correct mixing ratio, are the basis for good engine performance.

You don’t have to do any changes on you carburetor. Merely the original drain plug and main nozzle of the Dellorto carburetor VHSH 30CS or VHSB 34 QD are exchanged and replaced through our system. All other components like the idling nozzle, arm or needle can stay as usual.

But also the design has to be right! Our system VHD 2000 consists out of a universal nozzle and the adjustable main system.


This is exactly what makes our system so easy and comfortable.

1.Remove screw plug
2.Exchange the main nozzle
3.Turn off the adjustable needle until a small stop is noticeable
4.Turn nozzle needle to the left like shown on the attached table and set like this the nozzle size

For example

0.5 revolutions = nozzle 140
1.0 revolutions = nozzle 145
1.5 revolutions = nozzle 150

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